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Cedar Fort Marketing Conference

This Saturday I'm going to be at a conference put on by Cedar Fort. The guy who created Twilight Guy is here as is Genevieve from Google, more specifically the Google Books department.

Blog's as a Journal

One of the reasons people say to blog is to "have a journal." This always seemed a little bit weird to me. I never really understood why people would say this. Blogs are public, and I don't exactly like people reading my journal.

Last night I finally realized what people meant.


I recently installed Bacula on our servers. It seems like a very good piece of software and seems to be working well so far. On Debian, it seems like there was one issue with passwords. Also, I was using the FQDN, but in my hosts file, I had the wrong IP, so it seemed as though my daemons weren't listening on the right ports (really it was the IP, though).

So if you ever end up having a problem where things work when you specify the IP and things work and the you use the domain name in the config and things stop working, double check your hosts file and your how your DNS resolves.

Why I "Like" Apple

Well, I honestly don't really like Apple. I do have a Mac Book Pro for work, and it's a great machine! They do several different things right. It suspends well, gets great battery life, is fast, looks good, and has some awesome features, like the little lights under the keyboard.

But the price! Man! If I bought this machine, I would have emptied out nearly my whole bank account. They are EXPENSIVE.

Easy ways to do truth tables

Truth tables are kind of a pain in the butt. Last night I had to make a 4x4 one and each variable has 2 possibilites. In case you weren't aware, that's 2^4 possibilities, or 16. That means that there will be 16 rows. Now, I found a good pattern for getting all of the values. Starting with the very right most column, you alternate T and F for each one. The next column to the left, you alternate every 2. So it goes T, T, F, F, T, T, etc. The next goes in groups of 4. T, T, T, T, F, F, F, F, etc. The next column goes in groups of 8.

Unlocking an iPhone 1st Generation.

Well, I tried about 10 different things to get my friends iPhone to work on T-Mobile. One of the biggest issues I was having was that the phone wasn't even activated yet, and as such, I couldn't do a damned thing! All that I could do was slide a little bar and call "Emergency Services." I didn't really consider this an emergency, so I let it be.

"Ass wholes"

I was at a park last night in Spanish Fork and on a little rock wall, somebody had written "Ass wholes" on one of the signs. Now, it's stupid enough that people are writing cuss words on a children's playground, but spelling it wrong, too? What were they trying to say, "It's the whole ass!" I now understand why many people see people who swear as uneducated and stupid. It all makes sense. So, at the very least, spell things right. But also, you can be a lot less stupid in your choice of where you write things.

A Cool Nerd

My name is Jessie Adan Morris. I live in Utah, near Provo. I’m currently 17 years old and a senior in high school; an early college high school, as a matter of fact. The school I go to is called UCAS, and stands for Utah County Academy of Science. It’s on UVU’s campus, and as such, I go to UVU as well. As I mentioned, I’m a senior in high school. I’m also going to have my associates degree when I graduate from High School. After that my plans are to go to MIT, studying to either be an engineer (either chemical or mechanical) or to get a computer science degree and become a programmer.

The Healthcare Reform

I may only be 17, however I am not your average 17 year old. Recently, with all this talk of the health care reform, only one thought really comes to my mind. Where’s the competition? What was this country founded on? Capitalism, that’s what! If the government is controlling a majority of the sector of health insurance, who is there to compete with them? Nobody, and here’s why.