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More Vim Helps

Ahhhh Vim. Where would I be without thee?


Here are a few more things which I have found useful to have in my ~/.vimrc as of late:



set number

set relativenumber


These commands add line numbers, but not in the typical way. Rather than showing how many lines from the top, it instead shows me how many lines from my current line it is. See here:


Set Tab/Space Easily in Vim

I like tabs. Some of my co-workers prefer spaces. Neither of us will be convinced one way or another (easily), and so I work on both kinds of files. Backspacing a tab and replacing it with spaces was getting to be a pain in the butt, so I created a command named ST (set tab) to put in your ~/.vimrc to make switching between the two easy:


function! SetTab(spaces)

  let spaces = a:spaces

  if a:spaces > 0

    echo a:spaces

    execute 'set tabstop='.spaces

Do NOT Format a Mac as Case Sensitive

For some reason unknown to me, a good amount of programs do not, and likely will not, work on a case sensitive formatted hard drive. Steam, Photoshop, Pro Tools, and other products don't work when you make your drive case sensitive.


I do not recommend formatting your drive as case sensitive!

Kynetx and Google's New Realtime Stuff

Well, as we all (or most of us) know, Google released real time searching. This is pretty cool! Most of us at Kynetx wanted to know if our apps continued to work or not. For most apps, no changes were necessary. However, for a few that did some pretty customized and special stuff did need changes. However, I changed some code, tested that code and pushed an update, all within fifteen minutes. Now EVERYONE who uses that app sees those changes.


My Experience With An E-Text

For my Calculus class I purchased the ebook version of the textbook. I needed the textbook, but two hundred dollars was a bit much. So, I opted for the ebook. I have my laptop with me anyway, so why not just use the ebook?

Autochange Directory in Vim

I love Vim. With a fiery passion! One thing which has been bothering me lately, however, is having to change directories manually in Vim. I have found a solution which takes care of this. It automatically switches the directory to the current buffer's location. Add this to your ~/.vimrc:


" auto-change directory to current buffer

autocmd BufEnter * :cd %:p:h

Skype Spam (Skam?)

Skype rocks! I can call anyone with Skype anywhere in the world, so long as they have internet. Screen sharing is made easy as pie. It just works.


There is one issue I have with Skype. Their spam.


Twitter, You're Doing It WRONG!

Twitter has just killed a large amount of businesses planning on capitalizing using Twitter. In fact, TweetUp, just recently launched, is officially dead in the water (or so it seems at this time). I personally feel that Twitter is doing it wrong.

QUnit And You

As a young developer, I haven't gone through all of the different development fads like many people have. What do I mean by fad? I mean development techniques which have come and gone somewhat quickly. These include agile development, iterative development, and other similar methods. I have, however, been told recently to start testing the code which I create. Most of the work I do is in Javascript. At the time of the discussion (which had several other developers participating as well), I was curious how to do testing in Javascript. Was it even possible?

Firefox, Windows of the Browser World


Oh Firefox, why must I restart you EVERY SINGLE TIME THERE IS AN UPDATE!?! Extensions, internal updates, etc. all require a restart. You truly are the Windows of the browser world. As Windows learned the hard way, people hate restarting. I will be honest, it is one of the reasons which I use Chrome rather than Firefox. Get your act together and stop restarting so much! It makes me lose my train of thought.