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Programming Your SquareTag


SquareTag.com is the project I have been working on over the past four months. It started out as a way to get your stuff back (SafeAndMine) with the intention of enabling developers to create SquareTag apps and allowing users to install those apps.

I can proudly say that we are now to the point  where this is possible. There are now different apps for your things. Right now we have several different apps for SquareTags including a Journal, Gas Mileage Tracker, Blood Pressure Monitor, Comment App, and of course, SafeAndMine.

Each of the different apps is useful in different contexts. The Gas Milage Tracking app might be useful when you're filling up for gas. In this case, you may actually want to install it into a tag you have on your car's gas door. Having the SquareTag associated with an action (track my gas milage) makes for a context sensitive application. When I scan that tag, I know I'm filling up for gas, so take me right to the form to enter information into. This programability is the difference between SquareTag and the other "Lost and Found" QR code services.

What seperates SquareTag's gas mileage app from other gas mileage applications, such as aCar, is the fact that the data is stored in the car's personal cloud. Because of this, anyone who has a connection to the car is able to add fillup entries. This means that my wife and I are both able to enter fillups. The data belongs to the car, not some application on my phone. 

SquareTag isn't a one trick pony. We do much more than Lost and Found. As a developer you can create applications and as a user you can modify your tags behavior with applications. You get context sensitive apps tied to a physical token.


If you want your own SquareTags, be sure to head over to SquareTag.com and purchase yours today. We'll be adding more applications all the time. If you have tags already and want to get started developing, get started by going to the CloudOS tutorial.