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The Future of my Car's Life

I love cars, always have, always will. Heck, I was even a race car driver for a short period in time. There is so much technology in cars now (not that I'd know, I drive a 1987 Mercedes Benz 420SEL). There's cars that will literally drive them self. And yet, I still have to keep track of my gas mileage and maintenance, even though there's more than enough data online to be able to figure it out.


Me right before a race


For example, I fill up my car about once a week or so. When I fill it up, I enter my information into an app on my phone, aCar. aCar is a silo for my data. Yes, I can export my data, but that's not what I want. I want everything dealing with my car to be distributed and loosely bound. Here's what I imagine my life to be like if aCar and Mint used Kynetx:


I am driving along, listening to my music. My phone is connected to my stereo via Bluetooth and life is good. I have a Kynetx endpoint app installed on my phone so that my phone can send and receive events. As I drive, my phone also connects to a Bluetooth OBDII adapter. Through the Bluetooth adapter, it knows that I have less than a quarter of a tank of gas. The Kynetx app on my phone receives this information from my Bluetooth adapter and sends an event. Because I have the, "Find Cheap Gas" application installed in my Personal Event Network (PEN), my phone tells me through my stereo that the cheapest gas nearby is a minute out of my way and is $X.XX/gal.


I stop and fuel up at the gas station using my credit card. Mint sees that I bought something at a gas station and raises an event. My phone also sees that my gas tank is now full and also raises an event. The "Track Gas Mileage" app in my PEN takes the information from Mint and my OBDII reader and calculates my gas mileage, storing it in my Personal Data Store.


I also have a "Car Maintenance" app installed into my PEN. Since my odometer data would also come through my ODBII adapter, it would give reminders to get my oil changed, have a brake job done, or any other regular maintenance items. But it can also monitor the characteristics of my car and notice when things are out of specification or are not normal. Using all of this information, it can recommend services.


All of these applications would be able to work together without any knowledge of each other. Everything would be lately bound. This is what I want and this is why I am working at Kynetx, to work on making what I've described actually happen.