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Embedding Webpages in Links

One of the things that HTML5 is enabling is the ability to use the Data URI. This makes it possible to embed data into the source code of the data. Doing this, you can embed your images into your CSS files, making it so that you do not have many different files to download/upload/track, etc.


One interesting thought that I came up with just barely was using this to embed an HTML page into a link. For example, the following link has a webpage embedded into it using the data URI scheme. It is a very small webpage, but one could imagine that you could have webpages within webpages, allowing for the whole site to be downloaded once and then used with all of the images, CSS, and child pages embedded within.


(Copy this text into your browser's location bar)



I wasn't able to get Chrome to recognize the link, instead it was trying to open it up as if it were a page on my website.

I've also tried to do other interesting things with this, but it hasn't worked for me very well. For example, embedding it into a QR code results in little to nothing. Most of the scanners I tried wouldn't open it as a URL. I was able to embed the link into an email, however. I am curious if this could be used to have navigable email, I.e. email you can browse like a website.


It seems like there should be really cool and interesting things you can do with this, but I just haven't figured out what yet.