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Adagio White Blueberry Review


Similar to rose bush leaves. It seems very dry and brittle.


In Bag Smell:

Smells of blueberries and dried leaves.



First Steep:

3 minutes at approximately 180 degrees


First Steep Smell:

This blend mostly smells like blueberries, though there is a hint of the white tea as well. It is very pleasant and smells quite good.


First Steep Taste:

Very light (it is a white tea). You can definitely taste the blueberries, but in a good way.  The blueberry flavor comes mostly as a mid-sip taste, with the initial and after flavors being the white tea. This is a very mild and fragile flavor and is very easy to burn or over steep.



Second Steep:

6 minutes at approximately 180 degrees


Second Steep Taste & Smell:

As delicious and wonderful as the first steep.




If you like white, fruity teas than this is definitely one to try. It has a very nice blueberry flavor that is not artificial tasting or overpowering. This would make a wonderful evening tea.